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Eiendom: Waarom het jy ‘n okkupasiesertifikaat nodig voordat jy koop?

Stel jou dit voor – jy koop jou droomhuis, betaal daarvoor, neem oordrag op jou naam en trek saam met jou gesin in. Dan onstaan ‘n probleem. Die Munisipaliteit sê vir jou dat geen okkupasiesertifikaat ooit vir die eiendom uitgereik is nie en dat jy gevolglik die huis dadelik moet ontruim.

When Your Buyer Can’t Get Finance, Might a Kustingsbrief Save the Sale?

You accept a great offer on your property, the sale agreement is signed and the buyer pays the deposit. You put the champagne on ice. But before you can pop it open, the buyer’s bond applications are rejected by every bank. Your sale is about to die. Is there anything you can do to rescue it?

Uitsetting geweier – Grondeieneaars, onregmatige huurders en die toets vir “regverdigheid en billikheid”

“Onregmatige okkupeerders” van grond geniet omvangryke beskerming onder ons Grondwet en ander wetgewing. Eienaars en verhuurders moet verstaan hoe belangrik dit is om versigtig te werk te gaan wanneer die kwessie van uitsetting ter sprake kom. Daar moet volledig aan die bepalings van die Wet op Voorkoming van Onregmatige Uitsetting en Onregmatige Okkupasie van Grond, oftewel “PIE” (“Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act”) voldoen word. Dit is nie onmoontlik nie, maar die vereistes kan nie ligtelik opgeneem word nie. Hou in gedagte dat ‘n hofbevel verkry moet word voordat ‘n uitsetting mag plaasvind, met bykomende beperkings wat gedurende die COVID-19 inperkings geld.

Property Sellers: Why, how and when to choose your own conveyancer

For many of us, our home is our most important asset so when it comes time for us to sell, do everything possible to ensure that your interests are fully protected, that the sale goes through quickly and smoothly, and that you are paid without unnecessary delay. Appointing the right conveyancer is key here. Let’s have a look at the “Why, Who, How and When” of it…

Community scheme disputes and the ombud’s powers to resolve them

If you have a dispute with anyone in a “Community Scheme” – sectional title, Homeowners Association (HOA) or the like – remember that your first port of call should be the CSOS (Community Schemes Ombud Service). Disputes are inevitable in any community situation, with sources of conflict ranging from noise issues to problem pets, common area usage disagreements, parking space complaints and so on.

12 Questions to ask before you sign that deed of sale

Whether you are buying or selling property, remember that it is too late to ask questions after you sign the Deed of Sale (often called a “Sale Agreement” or “Offer to Purchase”). “Knowledge is power” rings particularly true when it comes to any form of the process with significant legal consequences, so here are some of the essential questions you should ask upfront, before you commit to anything –

Buying and Selling Property: Who Pays What Costs?

Don’t risk not knowing what you’re doing when you either sell or buy property. Avoid nasty shocks by budgeting properly for the costs you will incur – some of them can be substantial, and some are less obvious than others. 

Beware the badly worded bond clause!

A recent High Court decision provides yet another reminder to have your property sale agreement drawn (or at least checked) by a professional. Before you sign anything! As is the case in many such property sale disputes, it started with one of the parties – in this case, the seller – looking for a way to escape the agreement after getting cold feet.

Building a Home in 2021: Be NHBRC Compliant

If you are one of the many landowners about to invite a team of contractors onto your property to build your new dream home, or holiday house, or perhaps a house-to-let on an investment property…

Property: Don’t Pay Double Commission!

With many property sellers allowing multiple estate agencies to market their properties in their attempts to sell during what is still (for the moment at least) a buyer’s market, now is perhaps a…