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Don’t risk consequential “loss of profits” damages: Check your contracts and insurance!

One of the risks you run in any business is being sued for losses you cause to someone else. Although normally your risk of legal liability is linked to the claimant proving some form of negligence on your part (i.e. the onus is on the claimant to prove your negligence), there are exceptions. To take one example (as seen in the case discussed below) a “carrier of goods for reward by land” has “absolute liability” to deliver goods

Vrywaringsklousules in kontrakte – fynskrif kan dit uitkanselleer

Vir verskaffers van goedere of dienste is die invoeging van ‘n duidelike vrywaringsklousule (‘n klousule wat jou aanspreeklikheid teenoor die kliënt uitsluit of beperk) in jou kontrakte ‘n belangrike deel van jul risikobestuur. Neem net kennis van die beperkings wat ons reg hierop plaas. Soos ‘n onlangse uitspraak van die Appèlhof illustreer, kan jou eerste struikelblok met jou beroep op ‘n betwiste vrywaringsklousule wees om ‘n hof te oortuig dat die verbruiker werklik op grond van daardie voorwaarde ‘n kontrak aangegaan het

Verbal agreements – Not much good, but lots of bad and ugly

Firstly, although our laws of contract are complex, with many exceptions and “ifs and buts”, at the most basic level the only requirements for a binding contract are an “offer” and an “acceptance” of that offer. So, watch what you say! Make an offer to someone else, or accept another person’s offer, and that little voice at the back…

Antenuptial Agreements Explained

An antenuptial contract (also known as a marriage contract) is a legal document signed prior to entering a marriage and regulates the financial relationship between a couple. This might be especially important for someone who already has assets like a business, or family obligations like children from a previous marriage..